October is Adopt a Dog Month

New Pet Owners  •  Pam Karkow  •  Wednesday, May 6, 2020

October is Adopt a Dog month.  Several friends of mine have adopted and had positive experiences, so I am grateful that there is an entire month devoted to rescuing our furry friends from the streets. And after watching their Animaltarian videos, I am excited to let you know about the awesome ways Paws4Ever and Badass Brooklyn are helping to eradicate homelessness among the dog population in our country.


Paws4Ever is a nonprofit animal rescue and adoption center in Mebane, NC.  They recognized the need for pet owners to have a plan for their pets once they are no longer able to care for them due to terminal illness or aging issues.  So they developed the Legacy Care program, which you can hear more about by watching their video entry for the 2015 Animaltarian Award, sponsored by PetPartners. Paws4Ever has committed to caring for each pet who enters their program for the rest of his/her life.  They lovingly match these beloved pets with a “forever family,” where they will continue to thrive. Their goals are to see fewer pets placed into the shelter system, provide peace of mind for aging or terminally ill pet owners, and to relieve surviving family members of the burden of caring for the pet of a loved one once they are no longer able.  They also hope their program will encourage people to adopt animals at an older age, knowing there is a plan for their pet when they can no longer take care of him/her.

Paws4Ever provides many services to adopters, such as follow-up calls, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, and vaccines.  Their basic life skills training classes are also included in the adoption fee.  In addition to these services, PetPartners works with Paws4Ever to offer adopters 30 days of pet insurance at no cost.  If you’d like to enroll your dog in Paws4Ever’s training program (even if you have not adopted through them), PetPartners will offer 30 days of pet insurance as well.

Badass Brooklyn 

Badass Brooklyn is also an amazing rescue organization.  They are actually a group of fosters in and around the New York City area and are expanding to include foster homes in upstate New York, Connecticut, and Maine.  In four years, Badass has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed 1,400 dogs. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue has a facebook page (with over 22,000 followers) where you can check out the dogs available for adoption.  They have entered to win the 2015 Animaltarian award as well.  You can watch their video entry on PetPartner’s page.  If they win, they will use the $5000 prize toward their vet expenses.  When they rescue a dog, they take on all vetting costs which can include spaying and neutering, vaccines, heartworm treatments, and surgeries.  Badass’s tagline is “Saving Badass Dogs from Idiot Humans,” a powerful reminder of how we must be prepared to accept the tremendous responsibility of accepting a family member into our home and life when we take in a dog.  And when a dog is not properly taken care of or gets lost, Badass is there, to nurse the dog back to health and find him/her a new forever home.

Adopt A Dog Month

In honor of Adopt a Dog Month, there are a few things you can do to celebrate:

  • adopt from a shelter or rescue group

  • support your local shelter by volunteering your time or resources

  • ID your dog with either a collar tag or for a more permanent solution, microchipping

  • spay or neuter your dog to avoid unwanted puppies

Partnering with Shelters and Rescues

And speaking of honor, PetPartners wants to show how they support the valuable work being done by organizations like Paws4Ever and Badass Brooklyn by offering shelters and rescue organizations across the country a complimentary 30 days of coverage for newly adopted dogs.   Please visit the Shelter and Rescue tab on our website to find out more.


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