Interested in Becoming a Dog-Friendly Workplace?

Differentiate Your Company

Everyone dreams of working at a company that challenges the standard office image. Employees are seeking companies who value individuality and embrace a creative atmosphere. Allowing dogs in the office ensures employee collaboration and will help further develop your unique company culture.

Recruitment and Retention

Benefits such as healthcare and free snacks are no longer enough to attract talent in today’s job market. Research shows that about 60% of interviewing employees inquire about bringing pets to work, and 71% of millennial pet owners would take a pay cut to bring their pet to work every day.

Improve Employee Morale

Dog-friendly offices are proven to be more cooperative work environments with employees that are healthier and happier. Employees value companies who offer a better work-life balance and they are often more productive when they can step away from a project, destress with their pet and return refreshed.

Use the DOGSATWORK Guide to Get Started

Our guide will take employers through the five steps to implement a dog-friendly workplace. From determining interest to approving your first office dog, the DogsAtWork Guide provides everything you’ll need!

Supplementary Materials

We provide templates of the forms you’ll need to implement a dog-friendly office policy.

  • Employer Checklist
  • Office Rules for Approved Dogs
  • Dog Application Form
  • Employee Guide
  • Approved Dog Desk Certificate
  • Dog-Free Zone Sign

Canine Good Citizen Certification

To ensure all office dogs are well-mannered, the DogsAtWork program suggests dogs become AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certified before entering the office. Learn more about the CGC Certification process and find an evaluator in your community!

CGC Evaluator Directory

Dog-Friendly Employers

Seeking employment with a company that is already dog-friendly? Check out our Dog-Friendly Employers list.

Dog-Friendly Employer


If you have additional questions about the DogsAtWork program after reviewing the materials provided, we'd be happy to answer them!

“Our understanding of the many personal and social benefits of pet ownership has now extended to the office. Provided that correct health and safety policies are put in place, pets can enhance the experience of work and the feel of workplaces as well. By communicating to employees concern for their personal lives and well-being, pet-friendly organizations can enhance talent attraction and retention, promote employee wellness and productivity, and strengthen connections and community among workers.”

-Drs. Christa Wilkin, Paul Fairlie, & Souha R. Ezzedeen, School of Human Resource Management, York University

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