Shelter and Rescue Support

Our shelter and rescue program is dedicated to helping with the well being of each dog and cat for the first month of adoption.

At PetPartners, we value the awesome work that animal shelters and rescue groups accomplish. Our team wants to help support the great work that is done, so we have rolled out a new program purposely for shelters and rescue groups. It’s a simple program that helps both the organization and the new pet parent. 

PetPartners provides 30 days of coverage for the newly adopted dogs and cats. We understand that the transition into a new home can come with a few unexpected events; and want to help make this easier. We know this will help the adoption and return rates for the shelters and rescue groups.


Fill out our short online contact form, or call us at 1-866-774-1113.

How Does It Work?

  1. We help you implement and provide the materials needed.
  2. At adoption you give the certificate for trial to the pet parents which they activate online or by phone.
  3. If dog or cat gets injured or ill, they go to ANY vet and submit a claim to us and we cover 80% of the eligible costs.
  4. The shelter or rescue receives continued partnership opportunities from PetPartners

Benefits for Shelters & Rescues

  1. Peace of mind – know each dog and cat will have protection as they leave your care
  2. Lower returns because of medical expenses
  3. Easy implementation
  4. Continued support and communication

Benefits for Adoptees

  1. Health coverage for the first 30 days
  2. Complimentary, no financial information required
  3. Go to any vet in the US, its territories and Canada
  4. Roll into a full plan with no additional waiting periods

Common Mishaps

An accident or illness can happen with a new pet or one you have had for years. PetPartners wants to help pet parents get an easy introduction into pet health insurance. Here is list of common mishaps that are eligible for coverage with our certificate program.

Incident Total Treatment Cost
broken bone $791.71
hit by a car $792.00
toxin ingestion $878.00
gastroenteritis $770.72