Your Partner in Pet Health Care

PetPartners is more than a name -- it’s a promise. Since 2002, we’ve delivered on that promise by making the process of finding dependable pet insurance less stressful for pet parents. In addition to the variety of coverage options we offer, we’ve also put great detail into assembling the members of our customer care team, many of whom have worked as vet techs in the past. We’re dedicated to providing personalized attention to all of our customers, because no two pets or pet parents are alike.

Coverage administered by PetPartners provides access to the quality of medical care your pet needs, through the licensed veterinarian of your choice. Whatever pet parenthood brings, we’re by your side, offering a sense of calm in the event of a health emergency.

Our whole team is made of up pet lovers just like you. We know pets, we care about pets, and we’re committed to serving pets and the people who love them.

A History of Excellence

Today, the name PetPartners is familiar to pet lovers across the United States, however, our story started on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean with just one dog enthusiast, Sir John Spurling. In 1984, Sir John entered the pet health insurance business and quickly found success. His business expanded throughout the 80s and 90s, resulting in a partnership with the Kennel Club of Great Britain. In 2002, he established PetPartners and moved the business “across the pond,” introducing one of this country’s first pet insurance agencies.

The PetPartners brand and its team of dedicated and experienced pet experts have not only grown over the years, but achieved many accolades in the pet industry:

2003: The American Kennel Club selected the organization as its exclusive pet insurance partner to help further their mission to “advance canine health and well-being of all dogs” through the AKC Pet Insurance brand.

2004: The Cat Fanciers’ Association chose PetPartners to provide pet insurance policies for its registrants.

2009: PetPartners began working closely with companies, professional groups, credit unions, and other organizations to meet the pet insurance needs of their employees and members.

2012: PetPartners’ Sir John Spurling was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

2014: To recognize the nation’s most inspiring and impressive animal advocates, PetPartners established the Animaltarian of the Year Contest. Winners take home a $5,000 prize as thanks for their tireless efforts to promote animal welfare.

2017: In March of 2017, PetPartners was acquired by a member of The IHC Group as a part of their growing pet health division. As part of this acquisition, PetPartners began working with Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC) pet insurance carrier, which has a financial strength rating of A- (Excellent) from A.M. Best Company, Inc. A.M. Best is a widely recognized rating agency that rates insurance companies on their relative financial strength and ability to meet their obligation to their insureds (An A++ rating from A.M. Best is its highest rating).

2020: PetPartners introduced TailTrax, an all-in-one app that makes it easy for pet parents to access everything they need to support their pet’s health and well-being -- anytime, anywhere.

PetPartners has a proud history, but we’re just getting started. We continue to improve the lives of pet parents by providing security for their beloved pets.

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