Which Cat Is Right for Me?

New Pet Owners  •   Pam Karkow  •   Dec 01, 2017

December is not only the most popular gift giving month of the year, but it also happens to be Cat Lover’s Month.  So, just in case you want to wrap up an affectionate ball of fluff for your loved one, we put together a list of cats for you to choose from.  You’re bound to find at least one (or maybe all) that’ll meet your fancy.  Just make sure to poke some air holes in that gift box before you tape it up!


If you desire a mellow cat, a Scottish Fold/Scottish Straight is for you.  Called the Scottish Fold for their lop-eared look, these cats have sweet facial expressions and an owl-like appearance.  They love being around people and tend to become very attached to their family.   A downside of their desire to be with others is that they can become depressed if left alone too much, so make sure to give them plenty of attention. 

Fun Fact: They sometimes sit in the “Buddha Position,” legs stretched out and hands on their belly.


If you’re looking for a cat who acts like a dog, then the Ragdoll is your cat.  These cats greet their owners at the front door, follow them around, and come when they are called.  Known for being great indoor, family cats, Ragdolls are named for their tendency to go limp in their owner’s arms.  Ragdolls are also more interested in humans than most other breeds and often enjoy sharing a bed with their humans.

Fun Fact: They can be taught to fetch, just like their bone-burying counterparts!


If you want a cat who’ll carry on a conversation with you, a Tonkinese is your speed.  Some people say these cats speak in sentences and even paragraphs, if you are patient enough to listen (these same people claim these cats will find another way to be heard if you do not listen).  Tonkinese are gregarious and affectionate, and love to invent and play games.  They are most content when they are around their family.

Fun Fact:  Tonkinese have unique oval-shaped paws and many have beautiful blue or aquamarine eyes.


If you desire a cat who is not a diva, a Birman is the cat for you.  Their long, single-layered coat, which is soft but not prone to matting, does not need to be groomed or brushed as much as other breeds.  This cat is intuitive, knowing when to show affection and when give his owner space.  Birmans are also energetic and can be quite entertaining.  Like Ragdolls, Birman cats are pure white at birth and develop their color later in life. 

Fun Fact: A Birman cat’s paws remain white, even when their coat changes color as they mature.  They look as if they are wearing socks!


So, which one suits you?  Will there be the soft, sweet sound of purring wafting out from underneath your tree this holiday season?  If so, definitely check out PetPartner’s Wellness Plans for preventative benefits such as spaying/neutering, flea and tick prevention, and wellness exams.  And if you are adopting your cat from a shelter, make sure to take a look at PetPartner’s Certificate Program, which offers 30 days of coverage for newly adopted cats.

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