5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Pet Health and Safety  •  Pam Karkow  •  Tuesday, October 5, 2021

February is National Cat Health Month.  In honor of felines everywhere, let’s talk tips for keeping your cat healthy.

  1. Tend to your cat’s basic needs.  Healthy food and fresh water are key when it comes to your cat’s health and overall wellbeing.  Consult your vet to make sure you are providing your cat with a diet that is rich in nutrients and free of added ingredients.  Choosing the best food for your furry friend can be a daunting task, when there are so many options.  In her post, How to Choose the Best Cat Food, Dr. Lorie Huston gives some great tips on how to make sure you are feeding your cat a balanced diet. 
  2. Care for your cat’s litter box.  You know you need to clean your cat’s litter box regularly, but did you know there are other things to consider when it comes to his lavatory?  In her post, Five Litter Box Mistakes to Avoid, Dr. Lorie Huston cautions cat owners not to place litter boxes in loud or busy places.  Cats need privacy and like to use their box undisturbed.  For homes with multiple cats, Huston recommends multiple litter boxes, since some cats do not like sharing a box.  Other common litter box mistakes?  Not using the right litter, and not using the right litter box.
  3. Groom your cat.  Cats require frequent hair brushing, to keep tangles at bay, and to remove excess hair that might lead to hairballs.  See our post, What Side of Your Cat Has the Most Fur? for tips on how to prevent hairballs.  Cats also need regular nail clippings, and it is best to begin when your cat is young.  PetMD can talk you through the chore of nail clipping with five easy steps in their post, How to Trim Cat Nails.
  4. Keep regular vet visits.  Most of the time, it is obvious when our pets are feeling under the weather, but there are certain diseases and cancers that are not obvious to the naked eye, and can only be detected by a trained physician who is familiar with your cat’s overall health.  PetPartners can come to the rescue on this one, with their Wellness Care.  PetPartners offers a preventative care endorsement to help with the cost of routine care for your cat, including vaccinations, routine testing, wellness prevention products (heartworm, flea and tick), dental cleaning, spaying/neutering and microchipping.
  5. Show your cat love and affection.  Pet him, and play with him.  The PetMD post, Do Cats Like to be Held, mentions that not all cats like to be held or hugged, but prefer to be affectionate on their own terms. Try sitting near your cat, and see if he will come to you to be cuddled.  It’s also helpful to have a basket of toys nearby so your cat can initiate play with you.  

If you are doing all the above, you can rest assured that you are giving your cat the best possible chance at a healthy life.  And your fuzzy feline will think you are just the cat’s pajamas!

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