Technology Essentials for Your Pet

New Pet Owners  •  Pam Karkow  •  Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Our smartphones can order dinner.  Our television services can record shows we don’t want to miss while we are away from home.  And our pressure cookers can cook a whole chicken in just 24 minutes.  It’s no secret that technology plays a huge part in our lives these days.  Technology saves us time and effort.  Technology can help us breathe a little easier and make us feel like we are cheating time a bit.   But did you know, there are some pretty cool technologic advances available for our pets that’ll enhance their lives too?  Here are just a few tools you may like to add to your repertoire.

Cooling vests

Ruffwear Swampcooler: This cooling vest comes just in time for the summer heat we’re experiencing!  Simply soak the vest in cool water and wring it out.  Then put the vest on your dog.  The evaporative cooling technology of the vest will keep your dog comfortable as you walk or play outside.  The light-colored fabric also reflects solar radiation.

Fitness trackers

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor: This fitness tracker is like a Fitbit for pets!  Clip it to your dog or cat’s collar and you’ll be able to see the calories he’s burned, how far he’s walked, and how many “Z’s” he’s caught.  The waterproof monitor also issues escape alerts via app or text.  No more sneaking out of the fence, Fido!

Clever games

CleverPet Hub: No need to worry about your dog being bored at home while you’re out.  This automated gaming system will engage your dog with puzzles tailored to his abilities.  The Hub uses cause-and-effect through associative learning to reward your dog with treats.  The adaptive training program holds your dog’s interest by increasing the difficulty of its challenges based on your dog’s current ability.  CleverPet’s mission is to harness technology to enrich the lives of dogs and cats. 

Keep in touch

PetChatz PawCall:  I thought I had seen it all!  Now your pet can call you when you are away just to hear your voice or see your face!  When your dog or cat places his paw on the call button, he’ll receive a treat and you’ll be alerted on your smartphone that he wants to chat.  You can then chat with your pet in real-time through the PetChatz HD receiver which you will hang on a wall near the call button.  This puts a whole new spin on FaceTime!

Protect with pet insurance

When you enroll in a pet insurance policy with PetPartners, you're not only getting protection against unexpected vet bills. The PetPartners 24/7 vet helpline brings veterinary advice straight to your home through your phone any time of day! In addition, your pet insurance portal allows you to easily submit claims, check the status of your reimbursement and review policy documents! 

Enjoy technology for your pets

So, which techy gadget will you try first?  It would be interesting to be able to see how many miles my dogs log in a day with the Whistle pet tracker.  And the CleverPet Hub sounds like such a fun twist on the basic dog treat puzzle!  Sure would make me feel better about leaving my dog alone for long stretches.  It’s good to have some options as we quickly approach the end of summer.  Won’t be too long before we’re discussing holiday gifts!

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