Holiday Toys for Pets

New Pet Owners  •  Pam Karkow  •  Thursday, May 7, 2020

You’ve probably finished your shopping and have everything wrapped by this point, right?  But have you shopped for your pets?  It’s easy to forget about our four-legged family members in the chaos that surrounds the holidays.  And they’re just going to play with the empty boxes anyway, right?  If you’ve read Pet Safety for the Holidays, you know there are dangers lurking in the wrapping paper, and you’d better be prepared to involve your pets in the holiday fun with a few new playthings.

Gifts for dogs:

  1. KONG Wubba toy--When my husband brought this toy home from the pet store, claiming our golden retriever puppy would not be able to tear it up, I just rolled my eyes and said, we’ll see.  A few months later and Purple Dude is still going (we affectionately name all of our dog’s toys).  This toy is borderline indestructible.
  2. KONG Slow Feed Puzzle Bowl--I cannot say enough about this bowl.  My parents had many failed attempts at keeping their golden retriever from vomiting her entire meal before they came across this puzzle bowl.  This did the trick and they have never looked back!  Need proof?  See Slowing Your Aggressive Eater for video evidence that the bowl really works! 
  3. Chuckit!  Sport Launcher--This one will have a place among the pile of gifts under our tree this year.  Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to not having to hold my retriever’s slobbery ball in my hand?  The perks of the Chuckit, other than avoiding the slobber?  The launcher is made from lightweight, flexible plastic, has a comfortable ergonomic handle, and sends the ball sailing as you swing it. 

Gifts for cats:

  1. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy--This toy is two in one!  It comes with a 16” diameter base, scratch pad, and ball for hours of fun!  The scratch pad is durable and replaceable.  The ball fits into the circular track surrounding the scratch pad and can be swatted, nudged, and pushed by your cat for endless entertainment.
  2. Bascolor Rotating Butterfly Cat Toys--This toy comes with two butterflies, complete with fluttering wings.  The rod the butterflies are attached to connects to an anti-skid base that will not tip over during your cat’s play session.  These butterflies are almost as good as the real thing, with wings that continue to flap while being held in your cat’s claws!
  3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree--This cat tree is perfect for a multi-cat household.  One reviewer of the interactive retreat couldn’t say enough good things about the cat tree.  She commented, “My two cats stay on it! I use the very top to put their food bowls so the dogs don't get it, works perfect!”

A gift for yourself:

It's easy to get wrapped up in giving presents to everyone else, but stop and consider what might make owning a pet a little easier on yourself! Get a quote and enroll your pets in pet insurance to give the gift of peace of mind this year! With pet insurance, you can worry less about costly vet bills and spend more time enjoying your pets!

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