Four Ways Technology Can Make You a Better Pet Parent

New Pet Owners  •  Pam Karkow  •  Thursday, February 18, 2021

Ever wonder what we did before the smartphone? How did we remember to start laundry when we arrived at home without the reminder app? How did we get to appointments and vacation spots without GPS? And how did we stay safe during inclement weather without the startling chime of our phone alerting us that lightning is nearby?

In terms of technology, the pet world is keeping pace with the rest of the planet by developing devices that help pet parents care for their pets. From feeding to fitness tracking to mental stimulation, technology can award you pet parent of the year in 2021!

Pet Tech for Feeding

One of our youngest son’s chores is to feed our dog at dinnertime. Alexa sounds a chime, says, “This is a reminder...please feed Hattie,” and wherever my son is in the house, he comes flying into the kitchen to feed our pooch who by then is salivating into her bowl. I count this as a two-for-one deal. Our son is learning responsibility in caring for a pet, and our dog gets fed every night, right on time. But what if you are not home when it is time to feed your pet? Take pet feeding technology to the next level with the Feeder-Robot. This amazing wi-fi-enabled device will not only ensure your pet is fed at the same time each day, but also guarantees perfect portions for your pet. The feeder can hold up to 32 cups of food and offers customizable programming options from your phone. If the system goes offline, your pet’s feeding schedule will be saved and will continue to dispense, thanks to the built-in backup battery. With the Feeder-Robot you can have peace of mind that your pet will never miss a feeding.

Tracking Your Pet

The advantages of tracking devices for your pet are two-fold. These devices will not only alert you if your pet runs away but can help you keep tabs on your pet’s exercise habits. With obesity being the number one health threat facing our pets today, investing in a tracker that monitors how much exercise your pet gets each day and sends the info to your phone can help make sure your pet maintains his youthful figure. For your kitty, the TabCat Pack comes with a tag you can place on his collar to let you know you are nearby. The lightweight handset uses radiofrequency to give audio and visual cues to help you find your cat. For your pooch, the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is the way to go to set your mind at ease. The device will allow you to receive notifications by email, text, or via the app when your pet leaves a spot designated by you as “safe.” If your dog escapes, you can locate him or her with real-time GPS tracking using the Whistle Pet Tracker. Many trackers will measure your pet’s exercise and then compare it to other pets the same age and breed as yours. Dogs should receive at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and cats at least three daily bouts of five-minute play sessions. A fitness tracker can help you determine if your cat is active while you are away from home and help you remember to snap on your dog’s leash after work to make sure he gets in a 30-minute walk.

Providing Playtime Options

In a perfect world, you would walk your dog at least 30 minutes a day and play with him several times throughout the day to keep up mental and physical stimulation. But since there are days when life seems to get in the way and sometimes you need to be away from home, there is technology out there to come to your aid. With the CleverPet Hub, there is no need to worry about your dog being bored at home while you’re out. This automated gaming system will engage your dog with puzzles tailored to his abilities. The Hub uses cause and effect through associative learning to reward your dog with treats. The adaptive training program holds your dog’s interest by increasing the difficulty of its challenges based on your dog’s current ability.

Another great tool is Furbo. This high-tech camera allows you to see what your dog is up to while you are away, alerts you if your dog is barking so you can check in on him, and can even dispense treats. Oh, and if that is not enough, you can talk to your dog through Furbo’s speaker to reassure him you’ll be “right back.”

The PupPod Interactive Dog Puzzle takes cognitive stimulation to a new level, inviting your dog to engage in mental challenges that increase in difficulty as he masters them.

Help with Pet Health

These days, even your phone can act as technology to better your pet’s life! The TailTrax app is a great way to track and share veterinary records, manage your pet insurance policy, and find new friends in your community!

Are you ready to up your pet parent game? If so, give one of these high-tech tools a try! But remember, technology is no substitute for the watchful eye of you and your pet’s vet. Make sure to keep up with regular check-ups and healthcare maintenance for your pet. You can off-set the cost of your pet’s healthcare by enrolling your pet in a pet insurance policy that fits your needs and budget. Get a quote today!


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