Easy Steps Towards Pet Adoption

New Pet Owners  •  PetPartners  •  Thursday, November 12, 2020

Adopting a pet has amazing benefits, not only for the pet, but also for us humans, charities, and society as a whole. 

The decision to adopt a pet shouldn’t be taken lightly, particularly in the current climate. Pet adoptions doubled in the first week of the pandemic compared to this time last year but being quarantined at home now is not a great reason to take on a new pet. A pet is for life, not just the pandemic!  

Choosing a pet

If the time is right, then you need to think about the type of pet that suits your family. Cats are a bit more independent than dogs and don’t need owners to be around as much, but there are so many different feline personalities that you usually find a cat will choose you as much as you choose the cat.

Dogs are a bigger responsibility; they need to be trained and walked regularly but will show unconditional love like you have never known! 

Owning any type of pet has lots of benefits for us, everything from being made to exercise and talk to other dog walkers to lowering blood pressure when stroking a cat.  

Where to find your new family member

There are many animal shelters from small local ones to huge nationwide charities, so once you know the type of pet you want and thought about their place in your family, then you can start looking. Most places will have websites where you can see the animals available. Others are open to the public for you to go and have a look around. This will probably be by appointment, wearing a facemask, and keeping socially distant. When you find a pet you love, the shelter will ask you questions to ensure you’re ready to bring a new pet home. There are many steps to passing a pet adoption, often including a home check to make sure your living arrangements will suit this particular animal.  

Preparing for your pet

When you have chosen your new family member, you will start to get your home ready for the big day of bringing him or her home. Think about the equipment you will need – a bed, treats, bowls and much for your new cat or dog.

Will you be setting aside a quiet area that they can go to if they are feeling overwhelmed? Are you going to be introducing them to any pets already living in your house? Have you looked into pet insurance to ensure you can provide quality veterinary care?

These are important questions you will need to research before your new pet comes home. If you need any help answering these, or any other pet health enquiries, call the PetPartners 24/7 Vet Helpline to speak to one of the registered veterinary nurses.   

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