5 Ways to Turn Your Dog into Art

New Pet Owners  •  Pam Karkow  •  Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Do you think of your dog or cat as your furry child?  Most people do.  Our Hattie is definitely our fourth child, so when it came time to do silhouettes of our human children, we lined her right up with them to take pictures.  I LOVE how the puppy-dog silhouette turned out!  Are you in the market for some dog or cat art?  If so, here are five companies that can turn your furry family member’s mug shot into a masterpiece fit to grace the walls of your home.


We used Vonjet to create silhouettes of our children.  We lined our kids and dog up in front of a blank wall, snapped their profile pictures, uploaded them, and emailed the pictures to Vonjet.  The pictures were transformed into the most beautiful three-dimensional wooden silhouettes.


These are super colorful two-dimensional versions of silhouettes.  I think these would look beautiful done as a whole family and arranged in portrait gallery fashion.  Check out minted.com for your custom pet silhouette, available in a rainbow of colors!

Pop Your Pup

If pop art is more your speed, check out popyourpup.com.  Upload a close-up pic of your pet sitting or standing, and their team of artists will create an acrylic print you can hang in your home (mount included).   Once the artist has completed the artwork, using your pet’s photo, you can preview your pet on the backgrounds available in real time and choose one you love.


Really want to go retro with an Andy Warhol Pop Art Portrait?  AllPopArt offers many choices with it comes to retro style art, from classic pop comic art to propaganda art.  Send them your pet’s best photo and they’ll turn it into a portrait that’ll capture the memory of your pet forever.  AllPopArt has been featured in Oprah, Vanity Fair, and House Beautiful.

Paint Your Pet

If you’re looking for artwork that’ll stand the test of time, an oil painting may be just the thing for you.  With Paint Your Pet, you can pick your favorite artist based on a gallery of their previous work, and the artist will paint an oil, watercolor, or charcoal portrait of your pet from an image uploaded by you.  Visit their website to watch a video of how the whole process works.


So, what’s stopping you from adding your pet’s mug to the wall of your kids’ framed school pics?  Choose the company that’s right for you, and the best picture of your beloved pet, and make it happen!

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