Dogs At Work: An Employee's Dream Benefit

Pet Insurance  •  Mary Shaughney  •  Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Whether it’s a sleepy Springer Spaniel, a wild Weimaraner or a playful Pug, every dog owner dreams of bringing their dog to work. There’s nothing like taking a break from answering emails to watch pups playing between cubicles. Having dogs in the office can make even the toughest day a little less stressful! Across the country, more and more offices are allowing dogs into the workplace as research proves it’s beneficial to employees and employers alike.

Employers can attract top talent

Being an office that allows employees to bring dogs to work is a great way to make a company stand apart. Prospective employees are drawn to workplaces who value a work/life balance and offer more than the standard employee benefits package. A study put on by Nestle Purina found that 63% of employees said they would be more interested in interviewing for a job with a pet-friendly policy. According to a study done on the recent changes in the pet industry, 71% of millennial pet owners would take a pay cut if it meant they could bring their pets to work every day.

Create a unique company culture

Companies who allowed employees to bring their dogs to work noticed an increase in employee retention, a positive change in the collaboration of departments and an increase in employee loyalty. Since workers no longer felt the need to rush home on lunch breaks or after work to let their dogs outside, they were more willing to stay after hours to complete tasks and socialize with their co-workers. Research has proven that dogs in the office creates a positive company culture and fills the office with more cooperative, friendly people.  

Increase employee morale

Employees at dog-friendly companies noted that they enjoyed coming to work more once they were commuting with their canine. They also felt more fulfilled by their job and were less stressed throughout the day. It’s hard not to feel happy when your dog gleefully bounds up to his four-legged co-worker and a game of tug ensues!

Healthier and more focused workers

Employees who take their dogs to work are typically healthier as well. These workers take breaks to interact with the office dogs which promotes a sense of community between co-workers and boosts positive emotions throughout the office. In addition, they tend to take their lunch break outside to walk their dog and socialize with other dog owners. According to a study done by the Academy of Management Perspectives, short breaks that include physical activity will promote blood flow to areas of the brain that are needed for attention and focus. These short breaks are proven to help employees recharge and tackle their work with renewed vigor and creativity. Employees who forget to take breaks, or use their break time to eat a snack, drink caffeine or vent about a problem, actually report feeling more fatigued and less satisfied with their work.

A trending employee benefit

There were approximately 89.7 million dogs owned in the United States in 2017 and 11% of workplaces allowed their employees to bring their dogs to work. This number is up 3% in the last three years, with major companies such as Google, the American Kennel Club, and Amazon all on board with dogs helping out around the office. Dog owners spend close to $3000 a year on daycare, walks or boarding their dogs while at work. Allowing dogs in the office saves employees money, promotes a health work/life balance, creates a close-knit community of coworkers and increases the productivity of workers. It’s no wonder that companies who offer this trending employee benefit are placed higher in the lists of “Best Places to Work!” Get started making your office dog-friendly with the simple-to-use DogsAtWork Guide!

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