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Lake Norman Humane
Mooresvillle, Nebraska
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Why should this person or animal be a PetPartners Animaltarian of the Year?

Emily Beebe, as Director of Operations for Lake Norman Humane is committed to making the largest rescue impact possible in our community and surrounding areas. Prior to taking over as Director Lake Norman Humane partnered with 3 municipal shelters. After Emily took over LKNH has partnered with over 15 municipal shelters throughout North and South Carolina. Additionally, Emily has partnered with several animal advocacy groups to provide disaster relief during times of need. In 2017 Lake NOrman HUamne took in 41 animals displaced by Hurricane Irma and in 2018 we took in 44 animals displaced by Hurricane Michael. She strives to make the greatest rescue impact and provide animals at risk of euthanasia a second chance at a wonderful life. She has developed several amazing partnership with regular and emergency vets to be able to intake more medical cases and help those animals in need. Her dedication, drive, and PASSION is unparalleled.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

IF selected funds would be used for the medical fund of our rescue and help to save those animals who would otherwise be euthanized. Additionally our medical fund provides us the opportunity to pull in heartworm positive dogs and treat them for limited cost and greatly increase those intakes.

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