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Phoenix Animal Rescue
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Michele has been a dedicated volunteer at the Phoenix Animal Rescue (PAR) for over ten years. After working long hours at a very demanding job, Michele spends her Saturdays, and more, fulfilling her true passion of using her skills and talents to give back to the local community by finding forever homes for the rescued animals. She specializes in organizing all of the media and events for PAR. Annually, she drives their community fundraising and awareness event called WuFFJam with over 50 local vendors, activities and live music all day, sponsorships from local community organizations, food trucks and is an opportunity to celebrate our best friends, our dogs. As an example of Michele’s dedication, when she married this past October a newly rescued litter of puppies were included in the wedding hoping to find them loving "fur ever" homes. All three dogs have now been adopted. The little white dog in the picture is Princess who she was fostering but fell in love and just had to adopt.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

Michele would donate the proceeds to the Phoenix Animal Rescue with some going for supplies to enhance various events such as WuFFJam.

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