Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue (Lifesavers, Inc)

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue (Lifesavers, Inc)
Caliente, California
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Jill Starr is the founder and executive director of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. She started Lifesavers with just a handful of rescued horses in 1997. Today Lifesavers cares for over 400 horses most of which are born-wild mustangs. Lifesavers goal is to find new homes for rescued horses, but since many have been abused, or are lame, or have other issues that reduce their adoptability, the rescue also has a natural habitat Sanctuary for unadoptable horses where they are allowed to live out their lives in peace and harmony. More than 1500 horses have been saved from abuse, neglect and slaughter over the 20 year history of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Lifesavers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in California.

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The $5000 would go to benefit and further the livesaving work of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. At this time there is a need to expand the sanctuary to allow more unadoptable horses the freedom they long for and they deserve. The grant would likely be applied to this project.

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Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue (Lifesavers, Inc) Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue (Lifesavers, Inc)