Last Chance Corral

Last Chance Corral
Athens, Ohio
Horse rescue that specializes in nurse mare foals, which are only born so that their mothers would produce milk.
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Last Chance Corral is a 501(c)3 founded in 1983. While we take in adult horses, we specialize in nurse mare foals, who were only born so that their mothers would produce milk. They are then separated (often only hours old) and are disposed of while their mother goes to nurse a more expensive foal. We save 100-200 foals every year and adopt them out to loving homes. When the foals arrive they are often only hours or days old. We do IV fluids, tube feeding, blood transfusions, and physical therapy in house in order to stabilize them. We teach them to drink their milk formula out of buckets, and each foal gets individualized care. We operate with a very small staff of three. For more information on our program please visit our website at, or go to for all of our videos. I know that video is too long but PLEASE check it out.

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Our intensive care foal barn could definitely use repairs to insulate it for our cold winter months. The foals are too young to regulate their body temperature, and even with heaters and blankets it still can get below freezing in the barn. A climate-controlled environment would be AMAZING.

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Last Chance Corral Last Chance Corral