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City Dogs Rescue
Chester, Maryland
9-year-old-boy who only wanted to rescue dogs for his birthday.
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Ethan is an avid dog lover and he is 9 years old. We have two rescue dogs. A month or so before his birthday we asked him what he wanted. Ethan made up his mind that he wanted to raise money and save dogs since we couldn’t foster any more. He had the entire thing planned out. Use Booster. Pick a shirt color and type that would make him the most money. Pick out the design (dog) and colors and font. He worked with Meredith (CDR Director) on the Adopt/Foster/Donate on the shirt. He checked the first campaign every day: and helped with Fb messages to spread the word. CDR would send us pictures of dogs that his funds were going to pay for. His goal of 75 shirts quickly became 100 then 150 then 200. That campaign ended with 179 shirts sold and bringing in $2640. We launched another campaign in June and already raised over $12,000 with both campaigns! Ethan is excited to see more dogs helped and he is seeing first hand- If you put good out, it comes back ten fold.

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Ethan would like to donate the entire $5,000 of winnings to City Dogs Rescue. The funds would be used for medical care, shelter fees, transportation, and other operating expenses for all dogs under City Dogs care.

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