PetPartners Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance vs. Human Insurance

Pet insurance is like human health insurance in that it helps to pay for your pet’s veterinarian or hospitalization bills. Whereas human insurance typically has a network of providers you must use, PetPartners Pet Insurance allows you to use any licensed veterinarian within the US or Canada. After visiting the vet, you simply submit a claim and receive prompt reimbursement according to your plan's terms and conditions.

What Does it Cover?

Accidents, illnesses and even wellness expenses can all be covered and reimbursed with pet insurance. With PetPartners, you have the flexibility to choose the coverage and levels that best suit you. We also offer wellness care that cover preventive items such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, annual dental cleanings, flea/tick prevention and much more.

Our what is covered  and compare plans pages detail the coverage areas. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Pet insurance costs depend mostly on the type of coverage you choose but also other factors such as your pet's breed, age and location. 

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