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Congratulations! You have immediate access to pet insurance at a discounted group rate, due to your relationship with WL Benefits Group! Enrolling in pet insurance with PetPartners through WL Benefits Group allows you to completely customize your plan.

PetPartners will ask you questions about your pet, such as pet type, age, and breed, and then determine the best coverage specific to your furry friend. You can then select the plan that fits your financial needs. Having the flexibility to decide between a low premium versus a low deductible gives you the ability to structure your plan on your terms, made available only to WL Benefits Group associates.

Saving Money with Pet Insurance

It's important to get pet insurance to secure the health of your furry family member! Aside from the emotional stress during times of medical emergencies, financial stress is the last thing you need during those difficult times. Taking preventative actions and being prepared with pet insurance may save your fur baby's life and offer you a peace of mind with your finances. A $5,000+ emergency vet bill is daunting, and many people can't afford it. Wellness exams, vaccinations, and medications can get costly. With pet insurance, you won't have to dip into your family's emergency savings, and you'll have a way to budget your pet care costs.

About PetPartners

As one of the first pet insurance providers in the United States, PetPartners carries the knowledge and expertise that come with years of experience in the industry. PetPartners offers pet owners a variety of affordable, comprehensive coverage options allowing them to choose the coverage to best care for their pet's health needs. Options include coverage for: accidents, accidents plus illness, inherited and congenital conditions, and wellness and routine care.

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Common Mishaps

Accidents and illnesses can happen to any pet! PetPartners wants to help pet owners keep their pets happy and healthy without breaking the bank.

Incident Total Treatment Cost Benefit Paid
Broken Bone $791.71 $633.37
Hit by a Car $792.00 $633.60
Toxin Ingestion $878.00 $702.40
Gastroenteritis $770.72 $616.58