As a valued customer you will receive a 10% discount off** pet health insurance for your dog or cat!

Pet insurance allows you to make decisions about your pet’s health without worrying about the cost of treatment. PetPartners offers the flexibility to structure your plan on your terms, doing the right thing to protect your pet and your finances.

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What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance is health insurance for dogs and cats. It can cover anything from accidents, illnesses, emergency care and wellness. Since pet insurance is done on a reimbursement basis, there’s no provider network necessary. This means you can go to the licensed vet of your choice!


Why Pet Insurance?

  • Pet insurance allows pet owners make decisions about their pet’s health without the worry of how they will pay for it.
  • Pet insurance alleviates some of the financial burden of owning a pet allowing pet owners to take better care of their pets.
  • Pet insurance gives pet owners peace-of-mind knowing they can meet their pet’s healthcare needs.

According to the North American Pet Insurance Association, the #1 reason people buy pet insurance is to be able to "make decisions about their pet's healthcare without worrying about whether or not they can afford treatment."*

About Your Coverage

PetPartners provides comprehensive, affordable pet health insurance to purebred and mixed breed dogs and cats in all 50 states. PetPartners policies are customizable, meaning you can create a plan that fits your individual needs and budget.

Start by choosing from our available coverage options which include accident, accident plus illness, exam coverage, inherited coverage and wellness care. Choose your deductible and coverage limits to create your personalized plan!

If you have more than one pet, you will automatically receive an additional 5% discount** at enrollment.

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*2017 NAPHIA Industry Report

**Please note that the 10% discount does not apply to the Defender, DefenderPlus or SupportPlus add-ons. Discounted insurance premiums are not available in all states, including Florida, Washington, Tennessee and Utah. If you are insuring multiple pets, you may receive a 5% Multi-pet discount that will be added before the group discount has been applied.

**Get 100% premium refund in the first 30 days if not satisfied. As long as no claims have been paid. Not available in all states. Only available with new policies.