Cat Fanciers' Association

Pet Insurance Included with Your Cat Fanciers' Association Registration

The Cat Fanciers' Association chooses PetPartners as the exclusive pet insurance provider for the CFA. Through PetPartners, each cat newly registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association will be eligible to receive 30 days of pet insurance coverage for both accidents and illnesses.

This benefit is also available to cats whose ownership has been transferred recently, if the certificate was not activated by any previous owner.

There is no obligation and no credit card number required to enroll.


Details about the PetPartners Insurance 30-Day Certificate

Activate your PetPartners Insurance 30-Day Certificate by clicking here.

At the end of the 30-day certificate, you may continue to cover your cat by selecting one of the affordable and comprehensive plans designed to provide excellent pet health insurance.

If you choose both the certificate and an annual insurance plan, you can enjoy continuous coverage with no waiting period when the annual plan starts. This means that if you select one of the annual plans offering illness coverage, then the usual 5-day waiting period on illness under the annual plan will be waived as long as you have had the certificate coverage for at least 30 days. With no gap in coverage, you can enjoy the enhanced benefits that your new annual plan offers from the day it starts.

Please note the PetPartners Insurance Certificate is not available in all states.

30-Day Certificate Benefit
Veterinary Treatment & Surgical Procedure Yes
Prescription Medications Yes
X-rays, CT scans & MRIs Yes
Diagnostic & Laboratory Tests Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Emergency Visits to 24/7 Clinics Yes
Specialist Visits Yes
Cancer Coverage Yes
Certificate Coverage Limits
Maximum per Incident $500.00
Maximum per Certificate $1,500.00
Deductible $100 per Term
Co-Insurance 20%