Toys for Cats

Pet Insurance  •   Pam Karkow  •   Dec 08, 2015

Not sure what to buy for your cat this holiday season?  Cats love to play, almost as much as they love to nap.  But cat toys don’t have to be expensive.  My toddler will enjoy playing with the box a toy came in more than the toy itself, and cats are not much different.  Let’s check out a few feline favorites.

You can also shop your house for some fun options…

  • a ball of yarn or bright piece of string

  • paper towel tubes

  • a large cardboard box

Gifts for Cat Lovers

For the cat lover, books can also be fun gifts.  Millions of Cats, by Wanda Gag is a Newbery Honor Award winner and well written children’s book about an old man and woman trying to decide which cat, out of the millions they bring home, to call their own.  Zen Cats, by Yoshiyuki Yaginuma  contains beautiful photographs of cats in many different poses throughout the temples, shrines, gardens, and parks of Japan.   You’ll find one curled up in the lap of a statue and another walking stealthily through towers of bamboo.  The colorful photos are accompanied by poems written by generations of Zen disciples and monks.

Include Your Cat in the Holidays

Consider allowing your cat to “unwrap” his present this year.  Your kitty may enjoy playing with the tissue and wrapping paper just as much as his new toy.  Just make sure to supervise your cat to ensure he doesn’t eat any paper or get into gifts that are unsafe.  See our Holiday Pet Safety Tips post for ideas on how to keep your cat safe this season.  Rest assured that, given a cat’s playful and curious demeanor, any new, safe toy you introduce will be a winner!

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