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Pet Insurance  •   Pam Karkow  •   Dec 07, 2018


I have resolved to put my pooch first this gift giving season.  All too often, I buy for everyone else, and end up doing last minute shopping for my pet.  Not this year!  I’ve already read up on what the experts say (plus polled Facebook to find out what’s most popular in my friends’ homes) and have gathered quite a list.  Whether you’re shopping for a cat, or a dog, I have an idea or two to throw your way…


Cats: Most say their cats preferred toy is their Christmas tree or their kids’ dolls (could it be the dolls’ hair they’re attracted to?), so it seems appropriate that we find some actual toys to add in the mix.  Although, a Roomba might be the gift that keeps on giving.  A ride-on toy for your cat AND clean floors?  Yes, please!  Seriously though, here’s a list of real toys that may pique your cat’s interest…

  • Feather Wand --This retractable wand comes with the option to change out the teasers so your cat stays interested.
  • Food Puzzle --This interactive treat maze got rave reviews!
  • Fling-ama-String --The videos of cats playing with this toy are hilarious and prove its worth.
  • Mobile --Yes, like the one that hangs over a baby’s crib.
  • Laser Pointer --This one comes with a bonus--a squeaky mouse.


And, just like children, your cat will probably prefer the box all of the above comes in over the actual toys, so make sure to save that, too!


Dogs: While a lot of my friends said their dogs preferred their children’s stuffed animals (and mine is happy with a paper towel tube), I did get some great ideas for gifts for the holidays.  Here are a few…

  • Kong Rubber Frisbee --A break from the traditional game of fetch with a ball, this one is fun and has the added bonus of helping to clean your dog’s teeth and soothe gums.
  • Giggle Ball Dog Toy --This one will provide hours of entertainment, and doesn’t require direct supervision!  Win-win for the holidays!
  • Luna Ball --Play fetch in the dark?  Yes, please!  This ball’s description is, “stellar orbs floating around your pup's Slobber System.”  My sister’s dog is a fan.
  • Kong Quest Critters Frog Dog Toy --Recommended by dog trainer, Mikkel Becker, this problem-solving game will keep your pup occupied and reward him with a treat when he solves the puzzle.  This would make a great stocking stuffer.
  • Collapsible TravelBowl --This one may be more for the dog owner, but it will come in handy on holiday trips.  It’s sturdy and dishwasher safe.


Go ahead, get a jump on that holiday shopping by stuffing your pet’s stocking with some of these goodies.  You’ll be thankful when your furry buddy has something to keep him occupied during this hectic time of year!

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