Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pets!

Pet Health and Safety  •   Pam Karkow  •   Dec 09, 2016

It’s that time of year again, and if you are like me, you are searching for the perfect gift for a furry family member who already seems to have it all. Well, after a bit of research, I have the perfect gift for every four-legged friend on your list. 

“The best presents for pets are those that focus on what they like to do,” writes Dr. Jennifer Coates in her blog post, Best Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers. I think that’s great advice, so I compiled a guide that I hope will touch on the personality traits of each pet you plan to buy for this year.


The furball of energy: The Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String comes with the promise of being the “best cat toy ever,” and providing “nonstop entertainment.” The award winning battery operated toy can keep your cat busy for hours. Just see the video on the link! Also, check out the Crinkle Tunnel.  How can you go wrong with a toy made by National Geographic? In her blog post, Holiday Gifts For Pets Part One: Cat Giving, Dr. Patty Khuly calls this tunnel “a grocery bag on steroids - but with no need to worry about accidental suffocation.”

The lazy cat aka Garfield: If only lasagna was an acceptable gift for cats...but since it’s not, try the Cat Loft bed. Your cat can sleep with you, but in his own space.  It’s co-sleeping at its best--no more bed hogging!

The senior: Khuly calls the Drinkwell Pet Fountain, “Still my favorite present for the cat who has everything except a good reason to drink.” Another option? The furminator. This brush will not only eliminate your frequent need to clean up hair culminating in the corners, it’ll cut down on the hairballs your cat needs to regurgitate. If you require more convincing, check out Dr. Khuly’s blog post, All Hail the Furminator.


The furball of energy: The Kong will always be a favorite of mine. Fill it with peanut butter or treats and your dog will be occupied for hours. Interested in going the DIY route? In their blog post, Pets on a Budget, Petfinder recommends putting a couple of tennis balls in a clean sock, and tying it at the top. Voila, you’ve got a new toy!

The lazy/munchy dog: Treats are always a winner for these lazybones, but homemade is best.  Try making your own dog treats this year. Check out our post, National Dog Biscuit Day, for a video with simple steps on how to make these yummy three-ingredient dog bones (not that I sampled them or anything).

The senior: What to get for the dog who just wants to sleep all day? How about a comfy pillow that supports her old joints? The Orthopedic Dog Bed with gel memory foam comes in three sizes, has a 90-night money back guarantee, and received rave reviews.

I even have something for the owner who adores his/her pet but just cannot bear to bring one more “pet thing” into the house. How about the gift of grooming? According to Dr. Coates, “The gift of a deluxe grooming session will make your pet feel fresher, and will make his or her hair and skin healthier and stronger.” Not to mention, a good grooming may give you a little break on the brushing and vacuuming this holiday season! And who doesn’t need to cross one more thing off their to-do list?

Happy Holidays!!!

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