Animaltarian Round 1

Pet Insurance  •   Pam Karkow  •   Sep 02, 2015

We laughed.  We cried.  We looked on in amazement at the use of innovative technologies and medicine.  And we wanted to adopt a few more furry friends.

This was the scene my husband came down to early one Sunday morning--us watching video after video of Animaltarian entries.  He joined right in, getting a kick out of our littlest boy’s attention to the dogs, cats, and horses he saw on the screen.  We certainly are not strangers to the selfless love of veterinarians caring for our precious pooch. Watching the dogs with limited use of their back legs hit home for us as we remembered how our golden retriever underwent extensive knee replacement, a surgery requiring us to explore financial assistance to help our baby walk again.  The ordeal we went through makes us aware of the need for Animaltarians in our communities.

The entries for the 2015 Animaltarian contest range from doggy day cares to therapeutic horses to rehab centers for animals with birth defects. They are people doing for animals what they can’t do for themselves.  They do what they do out of the goodness of their hearts, often without monetary compensation.  

As you watch the videos, you’ll see that the vets, volunteers, and shelter owners actually are compensated, in a way that reaches far beyond what money can buy. These people are rich in the unconditional love only our four-legged (sometimes three-legged) friends can give.  And the animals’ gratitude shows through the kisses they lavish on the volunteers who have helped them.

I’m sure everyone would agree that all of the organizations who have entered are winners considering the impact they make on animal’s (and people’s) lives.  That’s where you come in.  Vote for your favorite organization and they just might win a cash prize.  On November 1st, PetPartners will announce the organization with the most votes and honor them with $5,000.  In their videos, many of the organizations shared how if they win, they will put 100% of the funds back into rescuing and rehabilitating even more animals.

Here’s how the contest works.

  • July 1-August 15 Submission Round--Share your story.  What makes you or someone you know an Animaltarian?
  • August 16-September 30 ROUND 1 Vote for your favorites.
  • October 7-31 ROUND 2 Five finalists are selected.
  • November 1 Winner announced.  $5,000 prize.

What can you do?  Go vote, of course!  But be prepared to have trouble deciding who’s your favorite.  They are all special and unique in their own ways, and they are all doing so much good.  Visit the Animaltarian page at to view the entries and cast your vote!

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