Frequenty asked questions

See Official Rules for full explanation of the Terms and Conditions of the contest.


Who is eligible to be Animaltarian of the Year?

Animaltarian of the Year can be an individual, organization or animal that meets the criteria of an Animaltarian. We consider an Animaltarian a "person who seeks to support animal welfare or an animal who assists to advance human welfare." This can be a shelter or rescue, therapy dogs or horses, a vet who volunteers their time. The contest is not limited to those who help dogs or cats. Work can be with farm animals, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and more!

Do candidates have to have certain credentials or associations to be eligible?

Not at all. Animaltarian of the Year is open to any organizations, associations, groups and individuals as long as they are seeking to promote the welfare of animals.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. You can nominate yourself by filling out the online submission form and submit your YouTube link or pictures. It's that simple!

Can I nominate someone else?

Yes. You can nominate another individual/organization that you feel deserves recognition for their work in advancing animal welfare. Fill out the online submission form and submit your YouTube link or pictures.

Does the contest just apply to dogs or cats?

Animaltarian of the Year contest is open to all who support animal welfare and advance human-animal bond. The contest is not limited to only those who work with dogs or cats. Animal welfare work can be with any animal including farm animals, birds, reptiles, rabbits and more!


Why does Animaltarian of the Year contest have two voting rounds?

Animaltarian of the Year contest features voting round 1, which is 100% public voting for their favorite contestant. This phase is for narrowing down the contestants to eight (8) Finalists. Voting round 2 consists of 50% public votes and 50% expert judges' votes on the Finalists to select one (1) grand prize winner of $5,000. PetPartners, Inc. has implemented a panel of five (5) judges- all esteemed professionals in the animal field- to remain committed to ensuring the contest is fair to the Finalists and not relying solely on public votes.

I'm just an individual or my organization is very small. How can I drum up votes in the first round?

All contestants' submission video or photos will be featured on Animaltarian of the Year website where voters visit to cast their vote. Let your compassion for animals show through your submission! Contestants should encourage their family, friends, fans and associates to vote every day. You can also reach out to your local media (TV and news organizations) and let them know about your submission. We find the local media love to share good stories. Also, don't forget social media, a great way to reach people with similar interests and advocacy. With eight (8) Finalist spots available, there's a good chance that smaller organizations or individuals will be included in the second round.

How can I keep track of the contest voting?

Public voting takes place on the Animaltarian website and are tallied in real-time, meaning, votes are being counted every time a vote is cast. Public vote totals are displayed on the Animaltarian website. Click here to see the voting page.

How is public vote and panel voting tallied?

Round 1 will consist of public voting only. Once the eight finalists are chosen, they will move onto Round 2. Round 2 will include public and panel voting. Judges panel will be asked to score each finalist contestant on a set number of questions pertaining to the Animaltarian of the Year criteria. The judges will review the contestant's video or pictures and can perform their own individual research. Questions will be answered independently and judges will not collaborate during the competition. The public vote and judges scores will be evenly weighted to create a final score and name the winner.

How do I vote?

Click the Vote button for your candidate and provide your email address. You will receive an email within 5 minutes that will prompt you to confirm and finalize your vote. If you do not see an email within 5 minutes, check your spam or junk folder. You can also add to your Safe Senders list to ensure you receive your emails and your votes get cast. This email confirmation process ensures each vote cast is valid and is implemented to prevent bots from multiple, auto-voting that can unfairly distort the total vote count. Note: Your vote does not count until it is finalized!

What if I did not finalize my vote right away? Does it still count?

If you did not finalize your vote right away, you have time; but all votes must be finalized during the Round the votes were cast. For example, all Round 1 votes must be finalized in Round 1. Once Round 2 has begun, Round 1 votes cannot be finalized and will not count.

Can I vote for multiple candidates?

Yes. You can vote for as many candidates as you want once per day. For example, you can vote for Candidate A and Candidate B in the same day but you can only cast one vote for Candidate A and one vote for Candidate B in the same day.

Can I vote multiple times per day?

You cannot vote for the same candidate multiple times in one day. You can vote for multiple candidates on the same day, but not the same one twice. *See above for more information on this.


What does the Animaltarian of the Year winner receive?

The grand prize winner receives a plaque and a check for $5,000 to be used for their animal welfare efforts. PetPartners, Inc. may revisit the winner to see how the prize money was spent and if it has improved their Animaltarian efforts.