Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary

Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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I have dedicated my home and personal finances to my non-profit sanctuary for rescued potbellied and farm pigs. My mission is based on three founding principles: (1) provide a loving and safe forever home for pigs in need, (2) serve as an example for others who want to start a small animal rescue in their community with little funding, and (3) educate others through events and social media about the plight of pigs who suffer the consequences of the breeding and food industries. As primary caretaker, I provide vet care, food (including home-cooked meals), and shelter for the pigs. I encourage volunteers to come out and spend quality time with the pigs, including sweetly talking to them, reading them stories, and giving belly rubs and ear scratches. I call it “pig therapy.” It’s truly a win-win situation. I have dedicated my life to serve and protect these beautiful animals. I constantly dream of how I can make more of a difference in the years to come.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

I would start by insulating and running electricity to the barn. I would also add a second barn with enough storage space for feed, straw, tools, crates, and other items. And with a new barn, I could rescue more pigs in need and have more means to quarantine newcomers.

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Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary