Elodie Farms

Elodie Farms
ROUGEMONT, North Carolina
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Elodie Farms is a no-kill goat dairy in Rougemont, NC. We reject most traditional dairy practices as we believe they are inhumane. For that reason, we raise our animals with the highest standards of animal welfare, even if it means sacrificing profits. At our farm, mama goats raise their own kids and we do not subject our goats to annual pregnancies. Older goats, males, and animals with special needs live happily at the farm instead of being culled from the herd, slaughtered or sent to auction. Our goats have individual meal plans, regular vet care, and plenty of human interaction. Our goats are healthy and happy. To increase our profits, we diversified our farm to include an agritourism operation where visitors can interact with our sweet animals and learn about their biology. Importantly, our visitors learn about alternative and kinder ways of raising farm animals. Our farm deserves the Animaltarian Award of the Year for our work towards promoting a compassionate approach to farming.

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The funds from this award will be used to fix two barns that get flooded during heavy rain.

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