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FWCAC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals in our community and their human families. Through our fundraising efforts, we provide access to vital medical care for shelter animals in need, thereby improving their health and reducing euthanasia rates at the center. Our team also promotes adoption, safety, and responsible pet ownership via education and public outreach. Finally, we provide support to local rescues, animals shelters, and adopters to help diminish the number of homeless animals. What started as a humble Facebook page to showcase animals at our local shelter has led us to a major role as animal advocates and activists in Wake County. FWCAC now offers a Heal-a-Heart program to sponsor adoptable shelter dogs with heartworms, $5 Kitty Clip and $25 Pit Stop spay and neuter program to curb pet overpopulation, financial assistance to local rescues, and low-cost dog training classes to help with behavioral issues and responsible pet ownership in our community.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

If FWCAC were to win, we could expand our newly launched programs even further! To date, we have awarded 700 cat spay/neuter vouchers, and we are starting with 25 dog spay/neuter certificates. Plus, we would like to offer even more community education to be able to keep pets in their forever homes.

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