Yorkie 911 Rescue

Yorkie 911 Rescue
Smithtown, New York
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Heidi Walker is the most selfless person that I have ever met. I do home visits for Yorkie 911 Rescue but the most amazing thing about Heidi is that ,her and her husband actually purchased a bigger home so that they could have more room to rescue more dogs! Heidi is constantly looking for ways to get the pups rescued and adopted out, always hosting "Meet and Greets", taking in not only healthy dogs, but sick dogs too. She gets them well and then adopted out to their forever home. I am a foster failure -lol - thanks to Heidi and could not be happier with CiCi. Heidi never says no to helping someone in need with their pet. It costs a lot to have the pups in her home, but she makes it work. I do fundraisers for Yorkie 911 Rescue and once a year Heidi puts on a big event, where the money made goes to help for the care and food for the pups in Heidi's care. Yes, Heidi has the pups in her home and now she has a big backyard for them to run and get exercise.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

$5,000 would allow Yorkie 911 Rescue to upgrade the living quarters for the pups, purchase food and any medication that the dogs would need

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Yorkie 911 Rescue Yorkie 911 Rescue