Josh and His Critters

Josh and His Critters
Sun Valley, California
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Tina Marie Lythgoe, Founder of Josh and his Critters, is an inspiration to everyone around her. She believes anything with a heartbeat deserves a chance. In 2014 she adopted Josh, a clefty, and from then on realized that animals with birth defects were not a lost cause and, with Josh's help started JAHC in 2015 to help save animals like Josh. They have accomplished many things, but most gratifying, is saving those very creatures that humanity has given up on, have been abused or just are unwanted due to their disabilities. Tina says, "I'm proud of who I am, and when I wake up I can look in the mirror and smile because I'm in it to save all creatures, no matter what shape they are in" She gives tirelessly of herself, lets nothing stop her, even scrimps, saves and sacrifices her comfort, to give to her animals before thinking of herself. She also shows those that are terminal, love and compassion, for the short time they have left. A true Aminaltarian in every sense of the word

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With this award, Tina and Josh will be able to continue the work that they do every day. Monies will go toward costly specialty veterinary care and needed specialty appliances for mobility of disabled animals. She will utilize every cent of her award to make the lives of her fur kids better.

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Josh and His Critters Josh and His Critters