Hawkeye and Friends Dog Rescue and Sanctuary

Hawkeye and Friends Dog Rescue and Sanctuary
Imlay City, Michigan
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Hawkeye and Friends takes in all dogs, sick, healthy, 3-legged, owner's death, abandoned. Provides homes for them all and vet care. The dogs have yards in which to run free, inside buildings with couchs, chairs, bedding for them to be comfortable for the remainder of their lives. Often times, even the county animal control will ask Hawkeye to take in pets and Mr. Jacopelli does. These dogs receive the love and care for the remainder of their lives. Hawkeye does all this and more for the dogs on contributions only. In the past, we had an area newspaper that would assist with pictures of the dogs in order to help with contributions. That newspaper however looked only at their bottom line and stopped showing pictures so that more people would be made aware of Hawkeye. Sad

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Hawkeye & Friends is looking to provide a larger space for the dogs as the present owner raised the rent. This money would definitely be used for the betterment of present & future dogs that are taken in. For food & veterinary care. Anyone can go on line @ Hawkeye and Friends and see pictures.

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Hawkeye and Friends Dog Rescue and Sanctuary Hawkeye and Friends Dog Rescue and Sanctuary