Fences For Fido

Fences For Fido
Portland, Oregon
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Fences For Fido is a non-profit organization based in Portland, OR that vastly improves the lives of dogs living outdoors by building fences free of charge for families who keep their pets on chains, tethers, and in small enclosures. In addition to the fence, we also provide an insulated dog house for each dog as well as spay/neuter services and emergency veterinary care when needed. Fences For Fido was founded in 2009 by a small group of friends who unchained a 10-year-old chow mix named Chopper; eight years and over 1600 dogs later, we have witnessed the amazing, transformative effect our work has on not only on the dogs themselves, but on the families who now see their canine companion as a true part of the family. In addition to the work we do in our service area of NW Oregon, Central Oregon, and SW Washington, we have now begun mentoring unchaining groups in other areas of the country through our Unchained Planet initiative--including groups in VA, GA, and Texas.

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We recently expanded our service area to include the more rural parts of SW Washington, and we are seeing dogs living in some of the worst conditions we've ever encountered. This money would be used to help these dogs live a more humane life, and to model a better way to care for animal companions.

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Fences For Fido Fences For Fido