Clínica Veterinaria Río Grande

Clínica Veterinaria Río Grande
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
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We are nominating our veterinarian, Dr Wanda Orta and her staff at the Rio Grande Veterinary Clinic, because they want to offer a low-cost spay/neuter program to help reduce the local stray population. We do animal rescue, and Dr Wanda has helped us with the vet care of our rescued strays. We feel strongly that pet sterilization is the solution to our stray animal problem. Following Hurricanes IRMA & MARIA, in an effort to reduce the spread of disease, Dr Wanda volunteered with pet vaccination clinics in some poorer communities in our town. Seeing all the unsterilized pets in these areas moved her to find a solution to the problem. She saw how desperately the people need education about the importance of pet sterilization, and she realized they need help being able to afford it. Dr Wanda's goal is to start a low cost spay/neuter program, which would include education on responsible pet ownership, and pet sterilization in the low-income areas in our town of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

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If our video wins, Dra. Wanda Orta would be able to offer a low cost spay/neuter program for the pets in the low-income areas of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. This will help break the cycle of unwanted litters, and help reduce the stray animal population, making our town a better place for everyone.

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Clínica Veterinaria Río Grande Clínica Veterinaria Río Grande