Goathouse Refuge

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At the Goathouse Refuge, Siglinda has spent the last 9 years creating a special sanctuary that welcomes unwanted cats, kittens, goats and dogs who have no place to go. Many have been abandoned, and others are at risk because they are not easy to adopt -- they are older, easily frightened, some arrive blind, injured or neglected. Kittens arrive in the Spring, when shelters are full and they are surplus; here they are nurtured, socialized by a dedicated network of volunteers. Many of the animals need medical care and to learn to rebuild trust. At The Goathouse, the cats flourish in a communal environment with indoor and outdoor spaces in which to roam and play. Once healthy and restored, they are available for adoption. Those who are not adopted have a home for life. Siglinda is also an artist, ceramicist and sculptor. Her museum quality artworks help support the missions of the Goathouse. Help us celebrate a woman who has created a life and place of service to animals in need!

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

The Goathouse Refuge is special because the cats have freedom of movement within large fenced areas and buildings instead of cages, across 15 wooded acres. $5,000 of new fencing would renew and expand the cats' freedom while keeping predators out. We love our animals safe, secure and happy!

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