Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue
Virginia Beach, Virginia
2015 Animaltarian of the Year Winner!

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Heather Duggan is the Director of the Phoenix Dog Program (PDP) of SGSR. PDP was formed in 2013 specifically to save GSDs with birth defects, amputations, developmental problems, genetic/degenerative disorders, and over 53 GSDs have joined the Phoenix family since it’s inception. The group is an ALL VOLUNTEER rescue that does not have a facility. They depend upon local families to foster these dogs and commit to their physical therapy, pre and post surgical care and medication. The PDP pays for ALL of the medical care, meds and therapy, and that cost can run into the thousands for just one dog. Nearly all of these dogs are pulled from shelters where they were dumped by bad breeders or uncaring owners, and without this team of volunteers, these dogs would have been killed. But with the care of PDP, all of these dogs have gone on to live healthy, productive lives with families who adore them - several have even become TDI therapy dogs! PDP gives life to these specially-abled dogs.

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How do you put a price on saving a scared, handicapped dog who is alone, in pain and left to die? PDP desperately needs these funds to cover the medical care and rehabilitation of these dogs so that their generous fosters can focus all their time on helping each dog through the painful process.

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Southeast German Shepherd Rescue Southeast German Shepherd Rescue