Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia

Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Samantha Jones is the President of an organization called Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of taxpayers and pet lovers who are committed to saving all healthy and treatable companion animals in Philadelphia shelters, and working with the citizens of Philadelphia to prevent animals from entering our city's shelter system. Sam works tirelessly to keep CNKP in the forefront of animal welfare happenings in Philadelphia, including continuously working to expand its lifesaving efforts, partnering with legislators to create or revise animal and pet-related law, and working to host our regions largest annual pet adoption event, With Love: Super Adoption Day.

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In 2013, CNKP launched a Community Pet Help Desk, including Pet Pantry to help low-income pet owners keep their beloved pets during times of hardship and keep pets OUT of Philly's already overcrowded shelter-system. If selected, CNKP will use the funds to expand its Pet Pantry efforts and resources.

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Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia