Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions

Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions
Angier, North Carolina
Animal rescue looking to expand space to increase the number of animals they’re able to save.
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Why should this person or animal be a PetPartners Animaltarian of the Year?

Danella Anderson has been rescuing and finding new homes for animals for her entire adult life. Dogs, cats, horses, any wayward animal is a friend to Danella and she'll do anything she can to rehabilitate them to find them their forever homes. Danella is currently the President and Co-Founder of Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions located in Angier, NC, a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. As with any non-profit, Underdog Ranch often takes in more animals than organization funds can support, but that doesn't stop Danella from doing the right thing by the animals.

If this person or animal was selected, what would they do with the $5,000?

At Underdog Ranch, there is limited space to treat animals that should be kept isolated from others due to specific contagious medical conditions. This $5,000 would go a long way in adding a room to the Ranch's existing building as an "isolation wing" and would enable us to save even more lives.

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Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions Underdog Ranch Pet Adoptions