Rover to the Rescue

Rover to the Rescue
Oceanside, California
Photographer publishes coffee table book filled with dogs and cats images and all proceeds go to pet organizations across the nation.
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When Andrew Grant first learned just how many dogs and cats entered shelters every year and the dramatic effect the recession and housing crisis was having on rescues, there was an immediate sense of urgency to bring attention to the crisis. Combining his photography and creative talents with influential dog advocates and philanthropists, Grant set out to produce a large coffee table book that is full of compelling portraits of dogs (and a few cats) in all colors, shapes and sizes. Nearly all of the dogs featured in Rover once lived in a rescue or shelter. Andrew has made Rover a fun and unique fundraising tool that has raised over $1 million to pet organizations across the nation. His goal is to reduce the pet population through spay/neutering programs and beautifully illustrate that there are smart, healthy, fun and loving dogs available for adoption.

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Andrew will distribute funds amongst well deserved animal rescues to support their spay/neutering programs and ultimately reduce the homeless pet overpopulation.

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Rover to the Rescue Rover to the Rescue